The Vault Radio show

Big John
co host.

Well, where do I begin?

August 30, 1970 the world was in for it; a little dude was born and had fire in his eyes and a hunger in his soul (and stomach of course) to be different.

I was raised in a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio, called Norwood and attended Purcell-Marian High School. In 1987 I was a member of the 14-0 Ohio State Champion Football team -receiving a rating of Number 2 in the country.

I then went on to join the U.S. Marine Corps and was a member of 1/1 in Camp Pendleton, California. I completed my active duty in 1993 after serving in Operation Desert Storm.

In may of 1998 I attended a concert in Cleveland with Ratt, who was opening for Poison and was told I could ride the bus back to the hotel due to the fact my ride was taking my buddy and the tour manger back to the hotel. Well, I got on the crew bus and wound up in Detroit. I had planned on returning to Cincinnati in a week after continuing on with the band. The rest is history...I was asked to join the Poison team in May of 2000 and the party hasn't stopped since. I have continued on with Poison as well as working with great artist such as Nickleback, Saliva, Kid Rock, Bret of course on solo, and most recently Brian Setzer and the amazing regrouping of the Stray Cats this year.

I have had the pleasure of meeting a lot of great fans of music along the way and made a few friends in the process so that being said all I can say is......It has been a great day at the office so far....

Thanks for everything and enjoy the site and the